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Summer School Classes Give a Chance to Master a Subject

Summer school classes offer a student the opportunity to master a particular subject when the pressure of the daily school grind is off his or her shoulders. Attending classes in the summertime is popular with students for a variety of reasons. Summer School Classes...

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Where to Apply When Looking for a Math Tutoring Job

If you are looking for a math tutoring job, Lumen Learning Center has several openings currently. We are a tutoring agency that offers home tutoring in addition to a classroom setting for children K – 12 and some courses for adults. Are You Looking for a Math Tutoring...

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What is STEM and Is It Important for Education?

A lot of parents are asking, “What is STEM?” STEM stands for the four top disciplines where in students are educated. These are specifically Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, the first letter of each discipline making STEM. But, why is there all this...

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ESL – English as a Second Language in the Bay Area

ESL classes are provided by Lumen Learning Center for both adults and children. When you are raised speaking a language other than English, you’ll usually need some help communicating in English. And we’re here to make that fun and a lot easier for you and your...

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When Hiring a Study Tutor Should Be Done

Everyone could benefit from a study tutor, because learning in a team environment helps making learning fun. And when learning is fun it is easier to remember the material. But, hiring a tutor is not a necessity for most students. There are some students, however,...

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Individual Tutoring Provides Many Benefits for Students

Individual tutoring is just what the teacher ordered, always. Not all students can keep up in class, especially if they’ve fallen behind in the subject matter. Hiring a tutor for your son or daughter is just the thing that will get your child back on track painlessly....

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