When shopping around for an in-home tutor, you want to make sure that your child gets the most out of the experience of private tutoring. So, here are some things to look for in tutors to help you hire just the right one for your child.

What to Look for In an In-Home Tutor


It is important that your child have an assessment done by the tutor or the agency that employs them. The student needs this assessment to determine if there are any learning disabilities at work, the child’s learning style, and his or her proficiency in the subject matter.

Teaching Ease

You want the tutor to be someone who loves teaching and is kind, patient and supportive. Any child will learn easily when they have a tutor that is positive and offers a great deal of encouragement.

Learning Style

There are many learning styles. Some sources say there are 5 and some say 7. How your child learns best is important to know and it’s important that your new tutor teaches in that style. This will make your child’s learning experience easy, fun and create a high level of retention of the subject matter.

Unique Teaching Methods

Your new tutor should use teaching materials that are fresh and different and not something you’d typically find in a public school classroom. It is important that the teacher’s approach be a little unique or off the beaten path. This will keep your child’s attention and he or she will always look forward to learning something new.

Lumen Learning Center

Lumen Learning Center is your center for private in-home tutors. We offer a well-rounded assessment of your child and then match him or her to just the right tutor for easy and fun learning. Give us a call to find out more about our in-home or our in-facility tutoring services.



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