Learning English is Easy

Lumen Learning Center has expanded English as a Second Language tutoring into classes for both adults and children. (Private one on one tutoring in our facility will still be available.)

This classroom setting is a new group learning opportunity for our students who need to improve their English speaking ability or to start from the beginning.

Learning Goals for This Class

  • Build confidence in the English language
  • Understand basic English grammar and phonics
  • Communicate effectively and be understood
  • Participate in everyday conversations like those at the grocery store
  • Read and write simple sentences

ESL Classes

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are starting soon.

Our groups for ESL classes will meet from 9:30 am – 11:30 am Tuesdays mornings each week.  The group will learn together for 4 weeks.

Each month will start a new group of students. We will have up to 6 people in each group.

Children and/or Adults

The group might be adults only, children only or a mixture of adults and children, depending upon the need.

Call our office for more information about our new ESL classes.

Lumen Learning Center creates a positive and stimulating environment by implementing a variety of teaching materials.
We create individualized programs which allow students to reach their full potential and become life-long learners.





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