The ACT is a test that determines High School students’ knowledge of the years of subjects they studied in High School. This test was started in 1959 and stays updated. The point is to see if you are educated enough to enter college. Just because you graduated High School doesn’t mean you’re learned enough to enter most colleges. So, they test!


If you spent your High School years skipping school and shooting spitballs at the teacher, you have a long road ahead of you. The ACT is going to reflect that, except maybe the spitball part. If you did your best to study to receive As, Bs and Cs in your classes then you have a good all-around understanding of your subjects and have a good shot at getting a fine score on the ACT. But, you’ll still need to do some prep.

The worst thing you can do is to stress out for the test. If you couldn’t get to sleep the night before the exam, that is going to hurt your score. Lack of sleep makes it very difficult to recall information and you will lack the confidence of knowing your answer is correct. So, a good night’s sleep is important. But, that is easy to say when your future seems to be riding on this score.

The best thing you can do is practice testing. No tutor is going to give you the actual test and would not be able to even if they wanted to do that for you. But, by using ACT practice tests with your tutor you can get the feel of the test and be confident, worry-free and ready to breeze through the exam. Give Lumen Learning a call today to enter our ACT prep class, so that you can receive the highest score possible.