Lumen Learning Center specializes in at home tutors in the Sunnyvale, CA, area. We match the student with a tutor that understands their skill level and any special learning needs they have. Students also have the option of learning in our Learning Center instead of having tutoring sessions at home. There are other options, too.

At Home Tutor

An at home tutor comes to your home to help you with your lessons in whatever subject matter you’d like to learn. But Lumen Learning has other choices, too. Aside from the private, one on one tutoring you’d receive at home, you can choose to attend a classroom setting at Lumen Learning Center.

Learning in a private classroom is like being in a very small, private school. There is a very high teacher to student ratio to make sure everyone receives the attention they need to learn the subject matter. This is a more intimate class where it is easy to get to know the other students and have fun while learning.

Signing up for a Tutor

When a student signs up at Lumen Learning Center they go through an evaluation process. This evaluation will show if there are any learning challenges at work, the student’s learning style and other factors. This information allows the Center to match just the right tutor with the student for the best learning outcome.

Understanding a student’s learning style can make a very big difference in the ease in comprehending and retaining the information in the lessons. If the student learns best by repetition, then that’s what the tutor will do. If learning happens easiest when taught with images and graphics, then the tutor will teach with images. It makes a very big difference. Trying to learn in a mismatched style can be a difficult experience.

When you’d like to try an at home tutor or take advantage of one of our very affordable classroom-style learning experiences, give Lumen Learning Center a call.



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