There are many benefits of having an at home tutor. You’ll have all the time with the teacher just to help you study and learn. You can’t get that kind of attention in a school room, especially in a public school. If you need extra attention, a private tutor is the way to go. But what kind of studies will your tutor teach?

An At Home Tutor

Your own, personal at home tutor will teach any normal school subject, such as mathematics, English grammar, a foreign language, some science studies, but also English as a second language.

The purpose of these private lessons is to either excel in your studies or to get caught up. Probably the majority of students with a private tutor are trying to get caught up to the classroom, as they’ve fallen behind and are feeling lost in class. But some students are not being challenged enough in the classroom as it is all too easy for them. These students are using the tutor for advanced studies until they can enter higher level education.

There is another type of student that uses a private tutor and these are the students with learning challenges. When someone has a learning disability like dyslexia, ADD, or dysgraphia, they require a specific type of teaching method in order to learn and retain the subject matter. A private tutor can be a big help to get them on track when they need it most.

More Tutor Options

All tutors are not at home tutors. There are options to have the tutoring in the learning center, such as in one of the rooms at Lumen Learning Center. It is still private tutoring, but the meetup is in our facility or in a public library.

Tutoring can happen in the learning center, but in a classroom setting instead. This method of tutoring is like a little school with a high teacher to student ratio, making it much easier to get the attention the student needs.

Call Lumen Learning Center if you’re looking for an at home tutor or would like to try some of the other learning options.