At Lumen Learning we know that the best way to retain what you’ve been taught and focus on your subject matter is to have an at home tutor. When you hire one of our tutors to either catch up on your studies or jump ahead of your class, you have a choice in having your tutor sessions in your home or having them at our facility in Sunnyvale.

At Home Tutor

Your tutoring session can take place right at home in your den or at your kitchen table. Your tutor will bring everything he or she needs to your home.

It is a lot easier for many people to get their tutoring done when someone comes to them instead of having to go to the Lumen Learning Center. Parents cannot always be available to drive somewhere, but if the student is home one or both parents are, as well. So, it makes sense to do the sessions at home.

The tutors at Lumen Learning Center teach all the usual subjects from K-12. Many of our tutors are adept at teaching someone with a learning challenge like dyslexia or other issue that gets in the way of comprehension and retention.

We take special care to match just the right tutor to the student. This way satisfactory results are the outcome every time. We do an evaluation to discover the student’s learning style, learning challenges and needs in the subject matter then match him or her to the suitable tutor.

When you have an at home tutor it is easier and more comfortable for many students. We also have English as a Second Language tutoring that can be taught at home for the whole family. When it is time to hire a tutor, give Lumen Learning Center a call to discuss your learning needs in your family.



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