Debate and student presentations have their place in English learning. In particular, public speaking allows the student to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing – the four most important language skills.

Other benefits include critical thinking and better learning.

Improves the Four Language Skills

There is a considerable amount of focus on language when it comes to students’ presentations. They must deliver a clear and coherent speech. This can have a snowball effect in terms of learning for students.

For example, peer evaluation forces the students to listen carefully and take notes so that they can have a better response. And during task preparation, the students will develop good reading and writing skills. Of course, they will have to skim through a wide variety of resources to improve their presentations.

Promotes Learning

Presentations are the best way for students to showcase their knowledge. They get the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned so far.

The students have to synthesize knowledge from a handful of sources and explain the topic to others. Well, this method has been found to correspond with improved levels of conceptual understanding and comprehension. Students absorb better when they have to explain something to others.

Conceptual knowledge is an understanding of the relationship between different pieces of information. It requires a synthesis of information from various sources and blending it with current knowledge on the topic.

Additionally, planning for presentations to better handle questions from peers leads to a complete understanding.

Students can have group or class discussions to resolve any conflicts and share ideas.

The virtual camp will focus on students’ ability to express themselves and on the craft of writing. In particular, the camps will build public speaking and presentation skills, which are extremely important as the students move forward in their education.