For speakers of the Romance languages such as Spanish, English and French, learning an Asian language like Japanese can be a difficult experience. Once you start, you’ll start searching for the best way to learn Japanese in order to make it a lot easier. It can be a lot easier than trying to learn it on your own.

The Best Way to Learn Japanese

When it comes down to it, it is like most languages. It is difficult to get started, no matter the method you try. The problem with Japanese is that it is a completely different language, if you speak a Romance or Latin-based language. It opens up an entirely new way of communicating. But the best way to learn Japanese or any other Romance language is to either use immersion or have someone teach you one on one.

If you can go to Japan, that is the very best way to learn Japanese. You are immersed in the language and there are few things in English to cling to. You are forced to learn this new language if you want to communicate and know what is going on around you. But! What to do if you can’t afford to go to Japan for months or years?

The next best thing is to use a tutor to learn this language. Lumen Learning Center has small classes with others who want to learn. This makes it very fun and easy to learn. You’ll play games and compete with others and almost accidentally learn the most common Japanese characters.

With the teacher’s instruction, you’ll learn to start speaking Japanese and begin forming simple sentences right away. In a small group you’ll still get plenty of one on one attention.

Another method is to have a private tutor work with you one on one. These private classes can be in your home or another location. You can learn alone, with a friend or with your family members.

The best way to learn Japanese is with a private tutor, many students will say. Give us a call at Lumen Learning Center to find out more about our tutoring.