The best way to learn Japanese is with a bilingual tutor, but there is more to learning Japanese than just writing letters, phrases and learning the vocabulary. Japanese can be a difficult language to learn for speakers of Latin based languages. The language is so different and that’s what makes it difficult to grasp. However, Lumen Learning Center has some methods that make it a lot easier.

Best Way to Learn Japanese

Of course, the very best way to learn Japanese is to immerse yourself in the country’s culture. This method forces you to learn it or not be able to communicate with those around you. It is a tough way to go in the beginning and you will still need a tutor or classes to learn to write Japanese. Spending months and months in Japan isn’t an option for many people. So, taking classes or hiring a tutor is the only legitimate option.

Lumen Learning Center offers one on one tutoring for learning Japanese and sometimes there are enough students to hold classes for several students at a time. Tutoring can be done in your home or at Lumen Learning Center. Of course, classes for many students are done at Lumen Learning Center.

Tutors at Lumen Learning Center make learning Japanese easier and fun. During the entrance evaluation it will be determined what type of learning style you use naturally. The tutor will teach in that style so you have the best learning environment possible. You will be able to catch on fast and have excellent retention of your lessons when you are taught in your own learning style.

Lumen Learning Center

Give Lumen Learning Center a call today to discuss tutoring, you’ll find our methods are the best way to learn Japanese. Soon you’ll be a conversational speaker in Japanese!



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