Book reading and telling stories helps your child develop psychologically and improve their literacy skills. They learn about new words and sounds to enhance their language skills.

The children also cultivate a love for books and stories, and that has benefits on their development of communication and social skills. They learn how to express themselves and better in connect with others.

Reading various books with your child helps them learn the difference between fact and fiction. Different books will always provide different perspectives on an issue, and that can help the children learn better. They can examine a particular topic using a specific point of view and comfortably tell if something is real or made up – a valuable life lesson.

Reading also helps the young lads understand change and other events around them. They also learn to feel and appreciate the emotions that go along with specific circumstances. Turn off the television and search for a quiet place where the child can hear you reading the stories. For a toddler, you can hold them on your knee so that they can listen to your voice and see you talking as you read. Try out funny sounds and noises to stress some words. Make the process enjoyable.

You can let the children choose their favorite book and read it to them, over and over. The idea is to develop a reading culture and interest. Take turns reading with older children, and then ask essential questions. The skills developed when reading will be quite priceless.

For the adults, the amount of time spent together reading a particular book is invaluable. It promotes bonding and helps build a better relationship. Your child becomes more trusting and open to telling you their secrets and feelings. Young children enjoy books with a good rhythm, rhyme and repetition.