When your child is falling behind in their studies, there is a reason for it. You can use a methodical approach to figure out what the cause might be.


Of course, the first thing to do is to ask your child why they have started falling behind in their studies. They might be able to tell you. It is important to listen carefully to their answer. A situation like bullying might cause them to feel ashamed and reluctant to talk about it. So, listen with an open mind.


If your child’s eyesight is strained due to needing glasses or an injury or their hearing is failing, it can cause a great deal of trouble for the student in class. It’s difficult to get the information they need. So, having his or her hearing and eyesight checked is a good place to start.

Learning Issues

As a student gets into reading and math, signs of learning challenges might begin to reveal themselves. While trouble recognizing letters is normal when first learning to read, when the issue persists long after it might signal a problem that needs to be looked into.

Learning Styles

Everyone has a specific learning style that makes it easy for them to learn. If the teacher is teaching in one style and your child learns best in another style, it can create some difficulty with studies. This could happen easily when there’s a change in teacher.

Lumen Learning Center

If you notice your child is having difficulties in school and you’ve ruled out health issues and social problems, let us know. Our student assessment can discover things like learning disabilities and your child’s best learning style. We can work with you to put your student back on the right track and begin excelling in their studies.



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