There are some cool, simple math games online that will help you improve in algebra and other types of math. Here are some links to the games to try out and bookmark for your tablet or iPad.

Cool Math Games

Try your hand at beating the games that are written for a lower level than yours, just to see you can do it at 100%. Then progress upward from there. Good luck! has a lot of math games! It is a good site to bookmark and visit often. In the algebra section they go up to grade 8. The games are fun and challenging if you’re not an expert. has some challenging games that are less games as they are quiz shows. Test your knowledge and see how quickly you can arrive at the correct answers with this page on high school math.

Here are more drills and quizzes, this time for geometry at the 10th grade level. Click on any question and work out the answer. Of course, you should start the Algebra Review to prove your skill first.

There are oodles of math related games on You’re learning more than you think, even if it is more of a game and less upfront learning. Enjoy. You can stay busy for days on this one page.

Math Games on Android or IOS

Here is a list of numerous math games you can download in Google Play or Apple Store for your tablet, iPad or smartphone. There are some fun ones in there. Math addicts all love Sudoku! Direct download links are provided on each game.

Lumen Learning Center

Lumen Learning Center provides these links as a courtesy for those who want to practice their math skills. When you need help with math homework, give Lumen Learning Center a call and we’ll match you with a tutor.



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