What is easier to use to learn than some cool math games? Here are a few games that will help children learn math while they are playing a simple video game. These are fun and adults will like playing them, too.

Cool Math Games

Free is the best kind of cool math game, because kids can get bored by some of these easy games over time. On the bright side, there are a lot of these fun, educational games. Take the ones listed below for a spin and see how your little student likes them. These games are intended for children who are learning to recognize numbers.

Odd Squad Cases

Cases needs kids to help investigate the strange happenings all over town. Math must be used to help in solving these cases. Play Odd Squid Cases.

Hungry Pirates

These pirates sure are hungry! Follow very simple mathematical instructions to generate a chest full of food for the pirates. Play Hungry Pirates.

Meatball Launcher

Help Curious George, the chimpanzee, fill orders with his meatball launcher. The narrator calls out how many meatballs are needed for an order and the student presses the button to launch meatballs until it is the correct number. Play Meatball Launcher.

Chicken Blastoff with Peg + Cat

This game focuses on geometric shapes rather than numbers. It requires the student to see what shape will fit the situation. Play Peg + Cat Chicken Blastoff.

Museum of 10s

Help Curious George make sure there are ten items on the museum’s shelf. There are some missing and the student needs to do the math to figure out how many are missing. Play Museum of 10s.

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