English as a second language can be so difficult when trying to learn on your own. There is only so much asking questions, listening to others and watching television will do for you. There is another way, an easier way to learn English.

English as a Second Language

The best thing you can do when learning English as a second language is to get a good foundation in English first. Then you can start building from there. In this way, you will start to see how English works, as it is different in the way it is spoken than even closely related languages.

Lumen Learning Center has regular classes that teach English to non-English speakers. These classes are geared toward various levels of English speaking, from beginner skills to more advanced speaking.

It is very helpful to have the entire family enrolled in either private tutoring for English as a second language or have everyone enrolled in the classroom setting classes at Lumen Learning Center. Even when one member of the family seems to speak English just fine, often the skill level is far below what is needed unless they take an English course that is designed for new speakers. By the family learning together, lessons can be practiced continually with the family over meals or in everyday conversations.

Lumen Learning Center has English as a second language classes each week and they tend to start a new group of students every month. Multiple student discounts are offered sometimes as a special promotion. Ask about this if you need to enroll more than one student in your family.

Take that big step now to learn to communicate more effectively in your everyday life or in business. Many successes in life await those who are easily understood in business and in their personal lives.



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