English is known to be the most difficult language to learn, so when it is time to learn English as a second language, it can feel like an overwhelming task. But, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be very difficult. There are teaching methods that can make it feel like you’ve learned English accidentally.

English as a Second Language

For both children and adults, English as a second language might involve some help from a private tutor. The reason is not so much having the right educational materials to use, those can be obtained anywhere. Teaching is a skill, much like a carpenter or an artist. You wouldn’t have a very nice set of kitchen cabinets if you used just anyone make them, but if you used a skilled carpenter then they’d be so beautiful. Even teachers should be thought of in the same way.

At Lumen Learning we fully check a tutor’s background, education and personality to make sure he or she is qualified. But we also want to make sure that this new tutor can implement the teaching methods that make it fun and easy to learn, no matter the subject.

It has been proven that doing activities like playing games will allow the student to learn very easily and painlessly. The child or the adult that is playing the game is very concerned about winning the game. They will remember whatever is required to win and in a teaching situation those are the items being taught in the lesson. Seemingly without effort, English vocabulary is improved without the student noticing that they now know a lot of new English words.

Lumen Learning Center is happy to help you and your children learn English as a second language the easy, painless way. Give us a call today for more information about our programs for adults and children.