Whether English is your first language, or it is new to you, these videos will help you create sentences properly, so people will understand what you mean when you speak or write a sentence. These videos are very helpful for anyone who is trying to improve their English.

Videos to Learn English Sentence Structure

The English language can be very confusing. The rules for constructing an English sentence are very different than most other languages. Here are some videos that help you learn the proper way to form a sentence.

English Sentence Structure

This is a grammar lesson with two hosts, a man and a woman. The man speaks England’s English and the woman American English. They go through step by step showing you how an English sentence is constructed and why.

Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound Complex Sentence

This video is a little more advanced. It teaches you these 4 different types of sentences and how they are different.

Basic Sentence Structure

This explains every part of a sentence and what it does. It’s where to start with English sentences. Once you know the parts, you can start putting them together in order to create a sentence every English speaker will understand.

Tips to Improve Your Sentence Structure

This is another Oxford Online English lesson with a man from England and the woman from the US taking turns explaining how to improve your sentences.

In Hindi: Learn Tenses in English Grammar

This video is in Hindi. It explains the different tenses in English Grammar. It shows you the examples in both Hindi and English so you can see how they are different. This is very helpful in reprogramming your brain to make the sentence changes in English for Hindi speakers.

Receiving More Help

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