Lumen Learning Center has English Teachers that will work with you as a tutor to teach you English as a second language. You can learn in our facility, in the comfort of your own home or in a public place such as a library.

English Teacher

When you want to improve your English skills or learn to speak English from the very beginning, our English teachers will be able to tutor you. Our teaching methods at Lumen Learning Center make learning English far easier than other methods. It is important when studying a difficult language like American English to have a teacher that is not only patient, but has unique teaching methods that make learning fun.

English is a blend of several languages. It is easy to find words that are French, Spanish or German in the vocabulary. If you speak one or more of those languages then English is a little bit easier to learn, but it isn’t necessary. Our tutors will find the way to make English easier for you to grasp.

One of the first things our tutors do is to discover your natural learning style. People learn in all different ways, but there is a common set of learning styles. Most people fall into one of the four learning style categories: visual, auditory, read and write, or kinesthetic. When the tutor teaches in the same style where you learn the best, learning becomes a lot easier. It is like the teacher is speaking your language!

Classes for English as a Second Language

We have classes starting soon for English as a Second Language. Schedule a time to come in for a learning style evaluation. We will match you with an English teacher that will make learning English easier than you imagined it would be. We look forward to helping you soon.



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