Lumen Learning Center has English teachers available to help with learning English as a second language or to just brush up on your reading and writing skills. These tutoring classes are available for both children and adults.

English Teacher

An English teacher from Lumen Learning Center is prepared to get you or your child up to speed on English language skills. Learning will meet with the needs of the person in speaking, grammar, reading and writing.

When an adult or child enrolls at Lumen Learning Center, the student is first evaluated. Lumen Learning Center makes careful evaluations of learning skills, learning ability and even personality in order to match just the right tutor to the student. There are a lot of different ways a student will learn best. When matched with the proper teacher then learning becomes easy and fun. And the student will learn more and learn faster if they enjoy their lessons.

English as a Second Language

When a student is young, they might catch on very fast when it comes to speaking and comprehending English. However, some do not. Struggling with the English language is very common in the Bay Area. You can give a student a head start with hiring an English teacher to tutor him or her to vastly improve comprehension and speaking English.

Adults have a far more difficult time learning English. It is not an easy language to learn alone, especially if there is a lot of interaction with those that speak the person’s native language. It is too easy to speak the language you know and avoid English. Tutoring will help you learn English a lot faster.

Lumen Learning Center

Contact us soon to find out more about hiring an English teacher for private tutoring or learning in a classroom setting. We look forward to being able to help.



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