ESL Classes in the Bay Area can be found at Lumen Learning Center in Sunnyvale, CA. We offer both one on one tutoring or classroom settings.

ESL Classes in the Bay Area

English as a 2nd Language classes in the Bay Area are at Lumen Learning Center. We teach both adults and children who are at any level of English speaking. We offer several ways to learn English.

One of the most popular ways to learn English is in a classroom setting. All students learn together in one room. The classes are a combination of instruction, practice and playing games. We make learning very fun, which helps everyone learn new words quickly and retain what they learn.

One on one tutoring is also available for learning English. These tutoring sessions can take place in your home, a local library or in our facility. Tutoring is open to both children and adults. It is a good family learning option, also.


Tutoring is the best way for learning English. You’ll have someone to answer all of your questions as you learn. Most students learning quicker and retain more with individualized instruction.

Learning on one’s own can be difficult. It is too easy to decide you know the finer points of the language when you don’t or to read the material and not retain any of it. To truly learn English, it will require quite a bit of help, either by tutor or classes with some individualized instruction.

Learning English in the Bay Area

Learning English can seem difficult at times, but Lumen Learning Center makes it as easy as possible in their ELS classes in the Bay Area. We have many options for learning from one on one tutoring, family classes and classes in our facility. We teach both adults and children. Give us a call to discuss your learning needs.



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