English as a Second Language (ESL) for kids is available in the Sunnyvale area. Lumen Learning Center is a tutoring center located in Sunnyvale that opens up a world of opportunities for kids, especially when English is their second language.

ESL for Kids

Lumen Learning Center has tutors available now for ESL for kids. Let your child have all the opportunities available in the USA by helping them perfect their English skills.

We have private tutors that will give one-on-one lessons to help your child speak, read and write in English. Tutoring in a classroom setting is also a choice at Lumen Learning Center. We have several tutors who teach classroom style. It’s like going to school, but the tutor to student ratio is much better at Lumen Learning Center. This allows us to give all students the amount of attention they need to understand the subject matter and practice the correct pronunciation of words.

The classroom can be a very fun learning environment. Kids love to play and our tutors come up with new ways to help them learn. Playing games that are created for teaching English is one way your child can build an English vocabulary and learn grammar.

The Fast Track to English

Learning English can be difficult for most people, kids and adults alike. English isn’t a very easy language, even the sentence structure can be troublesome to grasp in the beginning. Having the attention of a private tutor makes learning so much easier and faster. With a tutor it’s easy to receive the correct answer to questions and get on the right track to speaking English properly.

Lumen Learning Center

Lumen Learning Center has private tutoring for all subjects, even some special programs such as STEM. We make learning easy and fun. Give us a call to find out when our next ESL for kids classes and tutoring begin.