The most popular place for ESL in the Bay Area is Lumen Learning Center in Sunnyvale, CA. We have private tutoring for you alone or with your family. We also have regular classes for ESL learning with other students. Each way to learn has its unique benefits.

ESL in the Bay Area

Learning ESL in the Bay Area can be a very fun experience, especially in one of our classes at our facility in Sunnyvale.


Our ESL classes fill up quickly. We allow up to 6 students per class. The class meets 2x per week. It is intended for beginners up to intermediate students that want to improve their skills. The class setting allows the tutor teaching the class to employ fun learning techniques like having the students compete with each other to win games. Games allow you to quickly memorize words and grammar without realizing that you’re learning.

Private Tutoring

Private ESL tutoring is available at our facility or in your home. You can learn with a tutor one on one or include other members of your family. You’ll receive the tutor’s complete attention while learning to speak, read and write English. This is the favorite way to learn for those who have very busy lives and need a more flexible schedule.

The Class

Private tutoring has a schedule you’ll set. But for the ESL class, that takes place at Lumen Learning Center, it runs only one month. The classes are 2x per week for 4 weeks, then a new class begins. Of course, you can always take the class over and over to reinforce your lessons until you can read, write and speak the lessons perfectly.

Lumen Learning Center

Read more about our ESL in the Bay Area classes at Lumen Learning Center. We look forward to helping you improve your English language skills.



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