Searching for homework answers online can sometimes get you the right answer. But is it going to work for you and get you a good grade?

Homework Answers

When you are stuck on a math problem or have homework you don’t understand, searching for homework answers online might not be the best choice. There are a few reasons for this.

Is That Answer Correct?

When you don’t know the answer to your homework question, then how will you know the answer you buy or find online is correct? Many times you wouldn’t. So, you put a lot of effort into finding answers that will give you a bad grade. When you could have spent the time learning how to do your homework to get a good grade.

Sinking Lower

Getting your answers from someone else instead of figuring it out yourself indicates you need help learning the subject. If you don’t invest the time in learning the subject matter, then you’ll get more and more behind. When you are so far behind, it gets very difficult to get caught up to the rest of the class.


Having someone else do your homework is cheating. That can have serious consequences. Teachers aren’t stupid and they see cheaters handing in the exact same homework written by the same person on the internet or in the school. So, having someone else do your homework isn’t something you’ll get away with. You might get expelled from school or fail the class for cheating.

The Best Solution

The better way is to hire a tutor to explain the subject to you in a way that you can understand it. Then you can get up to speed in the class and write all of your homework answers yourself. You might find out that you really enjoy the class once you understand it.



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