There is one way to spur a child’s interest in science. Do experiments then explain why the results were so cool and how and why it worked that way. You’ll have a kid fascinated and demanding more science. The following videos are an excellent place to start with some fascinating science.

Home Experiments

This collection of videos are geared toward kids, but everyone, no matter their age, will love watching them.

Walking Water Experiment

In this video, Ryan sets up an experiment with colors, cups, water and paper towels to show how water will walk from one cup to the next.

Create Clouds, Tornadoes, Rain and Lightning

Weather is around us everyday, but what is it and how do things happen? This video shows us how to create rain, clouds, lightning and even a tornado!

Sink or Float

Why do some items sink and other items float? Mayta the Bear and his trusty human, B, do an experiment involving an aquarium full of water and lots of different kinds of items.

Science Experiments Gone Hilariously Wrong

From the “don’t try this at home” files, parents show their kids some great experiments. But hilarity ensues when they go horribly wrong, leaving the family watching as it all flies away or worse.

5 Cool Science Experiments with Eggs

Here are some fun things you can do with eggs. You’ll use ordinary items that you have around the house to make those little eggs do some amazing things.

Creating Electricity and Exploding Sound Vibrations

This video covers a few different experiments. It is like Myth Busters, only for kids.

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