Everyone could benefit from a study tutor, because learning in a team environment helps making learning fun. And when learning is fun it is easier to remember the material. But, hiring a tutor is not a necessity for most students. There are some students, however, where it is vital.

Study Tutor

Lumen Learning Center offers study tutors for private study and for group, classroom type of settings. The private sessions can be done at Lumen Learning Center or the student’s home, wherever it is most convenient for the student and his or her family.

When a child falls behind in their studies, it could be due to any number of reasons. Sometimes it can be a matter of changing from grade school to higher levels of education where different things are expected of the student. Or it could be a learning disability has become noticeable. Of course, there could be problems with bullies or a suddenly difficult home situation that could be making focusing on lessons impossible. At Lumen Learning Center, we’ll give a new student an evaluation to discover why his or her learning ability has suddenly changed.

When the learning problem is a learning disability or the student has just fallen behind in a class or two, Lumen Learning Center can easily bring the student back up to speed. Learning disabilities require a special approach in teaching and a tutor will take the time the student needs in order to learn. Public schools are usually bogged down by too many students with too few teachers to be able to adequately teach learning challenged students.

Lumen Learning Center is where you’ll find caring, well-educated study tutors to get your child caught up in their studies. Our tutors are also very skilled with teaching students that have learning challenges. Give us a call for an evaluation and soon your child will start improving once again.



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