Home tutoring your child when they get behind in their classes is an attractive option for a parent. If you were a good student in school and it came easy to you, you can help them learn their subjects, right? Well, possibly and then maybe not.

Home Tutoring Your Child

If you’ve been available to help with your child’s homework and they are still behind in one or more classes, home tutoring your child might not be the best choice. It isn’t a matter of needing special workbooks and supplies, likely. There is another issue at work that needs to be addressed.

A child is his or her own person and won’t grasp school subjects in the same way that you did. So, they might have a different learning style than the teachers use and/or you use that is preventing them from excelling in the class. When the student’s learning style is determined and the teacher is teaching in that style then the student starts to excel.

Learning disabilities, hearing problems and blurry vision can be difficult to spot sometimes. These issues should be ruled out as a potential problem.

A parent has a relationship with a child that might not be conducive to learning. Unless the parent is trained in teaching, and teaching the subjects the child needs help with, it might not work out well. When the parent gets frustrated then it will make the learning more difficult for the child, which is something that can cause a disdain for schoolwork.

Getting Help from a Tutor

Home tutoring your child is not the best choice for most parents. Lumen Learning can evaluate your child to see if there is an issue holding him or her back, determine the learning style that works best and see if there are any learning challenges at work. Then we will match your child with a tutor that works well with him or her. You’ll find your child will get back on track with schoolwork very quickly.



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