Getting homework help can be as easy as finding a website that offers help online. But there is a better way to always have someone qualified to help with your studies.

Homework Help from Free Websites

There are some websites that offer homework help online for free. offers free math homework help from PhD experts. They have sections on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. They even have a Math Solver Tool. offers help in many subjects. The site is run by Sandbox Networks and is certified KidSafe. There is plenty of information on the site to help with reading, writing and math, plus loads of tools.

A great resource for math, English, science and computers. BJ and his dad started this website in 1996 as a learning resource website. It became immensely popular with students in all grades, even college level students use it!

Get Help from a Tutor

Sometimes a free website can help in a pinch, but the best way to get help with your homework is to have a private tutor that helps you every week. This gives you the personal one on one learning experience a student needs to really learn a subject.

Lumen Learning Center offers private, in home tutoring. We also have private tutoring and classes in our facility in Sunnyvale, CA. We have tutors that teach most subjects on the K-12 levels.

Our tutors are qualified teachers and many are able to teach in the student’s learning style, making learning so much easier. Students have a much higher success rate with comprehension and retention when learning in their own learning style. Sometimes this is the issue when learning in public school fails.

Learning challenges such as dyslexia or other disorders are something our tutors are used to helping students overcome as a learning obstacle.

Enjoy the homework help free websites and when it is time to really learn, give us a call at Lumen Learning Center to start with a qualified tutor.



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