You can have good spelling, but the letters may keep wobbling and ending up in the wrong places. It happens even to the best of us when in tight spots. Here is a fun fact for you. Do you know that the word ‘misspell’ was featured as one of the most misspelled?

Well, here are the tricks to help children remember the spelling of words.

Artwork and Labels

Creating artwork and labels is one of the most interactive and fun ways of introducing spelling and advancing the vocabulary of children. Make them spell out the letters and the words several times. As a parent or guardian, encourage the decoration of the labels. The rest of the family members can chip in to make it even more exciting.

Sounding out the Words

The child or student must see the word and hear it to remember it well. The recognition of speech sounds used when constructing words improves the memory of a particular word. Start with short sounding words and ask the child to repeat them. They can then spell the words on their own.

Spelling and Pronunciation Go Hand-in-Hand

The child should know the correct pronunciation to help them learn the basic conventions that apply. They can then recognize the conventions and use them on other words to spell out correctly. Pronunciation should always come before the spelling. However, remember to tell them that not all words sound the same as they are spelled.

Practice makes Perfect

Learning how to spell requires a lot of effort. Encourage the child to practice and be supportive. To build the child’s confidence, the spelling should be in short bursts rather than a lengthy review session. For example, the spelling review should last about 15 minutes after something like soccer practice or lunch.

You should pick out a few new ones that demonstrate similar spelling conventions to make it easy for the learners. Don’t forget to review the old ones as you introduce new words.