The widespread school closures due to COVID-19 are forcing both the parents and the children to adjust to the new scenario of online learning. Experts recommend the creation of structure and routine to help the children cope. As a parent, be an affirmative force in their learning. Here’s how you can support your child with online learning.

Make Space

A quiet and comfortable space encourages learning. Remember that the child is going to spend a lot of time in this space. Therefore, it should be as comfortable as possible to avoid orthopedic issues and distractions from discomfort.

Make sure that the home computer is at a comfortable level for your child. They should not strain their neck or acquire a particularly uncomfortable posture to use the computer. The same screen level that is comfortable for you may not be comfortable for them.

Quarantine the Other Digital Equipment

Limit the use of tablets and phones until school work is done. No doubt, messaging and games are fun to use. Nonetheless, they can significantly distract the child and completely forget about school work.

Make sure that the home computer does not have other apps or games that they can use when you are not around.

Keep a Close Eye on the Computer

Observe the interest and engagement of your child as they adjust to online learning. Are they taking notes or they are zoned out? Ask questions at the end of the learning session to confirm that they are indeed learning.

If you can’t be around to observe them, be sure to check the browser history and ask relevant questions. Investigate any disconnect or disengagement with the lessons. Sometimes, a poor camera angle or audio can affect the interest and engagement of the child. Take it up with the teachers or tutors to remedy the situation, if that is the case.