The skill of getting organized, staying focused and sticking to the course to the end are important life skills. As a parent, you should help them learn and master these skills because they will help them in everything they do.

The organizational skills are not explicitly taught in the classroom environment. However, some parental guidance on time management and organization skills will come in handy, especially now that schools are closed. But how do you help instill organizational skills?

Help Them Organize Learning Materials

For a start, you can help the child organize the learning materials and assignments in notebooks, binders, and folders according to subjects. Help them create a calendar that synchronizes with the online tutoring class, and to help them plan their class adequately. They should also include non-academic commitments in the calendar to avoid any clash or going off course.

A prioritized daily to-do list is another important organizational tool that the teens should have. Push them to always have an orderly workspace, well-lit and quiet. Distractions such as cell phones, iPads and websites should be at a distance, especially during online lessons. Always remind them that multitasking is a time waster when it comes to learning. Encourage them to focus on one thing at a time which they jot down in a clear and organized notepad.

If they want to watch TV or have some FaceTime with friends, then it should be done when they are on recess or after class.

Help with Studying

Dealing with multiple subjects and assignments can sometimes be overwhelming for a teen. Give them a hand in breaking down the task into smaller, more manageable bits on a studying calendar schedule. Insist on taking notes in online learning sessions and organizing them according to subjects. Review the materials from time to time and correct them when the organization is lacking.