Individual tutoring is just what the teacher ordered, always. Not all students can keep up in class, especially if they’ve fallen behind in the subject matter. Hiring a tutor for your son or daughter is just the thing that will get your child back on track painlessly.

Individual Tutoring

When you hire someone for individual tutoring it is done in your home once or more per week, usually. Sometimes the tutoring can take place in the public library, school or even a classroom like Lumen Learning Center. The place for tutoring should be chosen for the lack of distractions of the student and the student’s comfort.

Tutors will specialize in all sorts of subjects. Of course, if your child is behind in math then you’ll want to match him or her with a tutor that teaches math. While most tutors have an all-around competency in many subjects, it helps if you can choose a tutor that has great proficiency in the subject where your child needs help learning, especially when the lessons are for an advanced class.

Lumen Learning Center offers both individual tutors and tutors in classroom settings. It has been found that children will easily excel in a group setting, although they might be nervous about meeting strangers at first. Quickly, the student will settle in and get into the spirit of learning with a group while having fun. It is important to most students to move them into a classroom setting as soon as possible.

Lumen Learning Center

Lumen Learning Center has tutors working all year around, so don’t feel you have to wait until summertime or for the school year to start. Whenever it is time to help your child learn, we are here and ready to teach.



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