Lumen Learning Center has Japanese language tutors near you in Sunnyvale, CA. Our tutors can meet with you at our business location or at your home or office. Learning Japanese has never been so easy or convenient.

Japanese Language Tutors Near You

Of course, complete immersion would be the fastest way to learn Japanese. When you are in Japan without anyone around who speaks English, you’ll find you’ll start remembering words quickly in order to communicate. However, that is a painfully frustrating way to approach learning. It is far more comfortable for you when you have a good foundation before going to Japan for an immersion experience.

Lumen Learning has tutors that will give you that good foundation in the Japanese language. Whether you are starting from the earliest beginning in this learning adventure or you just need to brush up, we have a tutor that will be the help you need.

Is Japanese Difficult to Learn?

Japanese has a reputation of being difficult to learn for English speakers. The reason it has this reputation is that it is very far from the Romance languages. When you’re an English speaker and are learning another Romance language like French, for instance, there are many similiarities. Similarities in the new language to your own makes everything a lot easier to remember and piece together. Japanese is nothing like English, so on the surface it may seem very difficult to learn. But, that isn’t necessarily the case.

Japanese uses just 5 basic vowel sounds, that alone is easier than English. The consonants are easier than English, as well. Japanese has simpler grammar, an easier subjunctive tense and there are no definite articles like you’ll see in Spanish or French. So, given all of that, you’ll likely find Japanese easier to learn than you’ve heard. Give us a call today to speak to a Japanese language tutor near you.