Learning Japanese is very difficult for English speakers. Japanese is one of the few languages that is the farthest away from English. This makes learning it by oneself extremely difficult. You do need a teacher to help you learn unless you are in an immersion situation.

Japanese Teacher

Lumen Learning has Japanese Teachers that can help you learn Japanese on a one on one tutoring situation in your home or in our school. We also offer classroom settings where you can learn Japanese with a group of students. Each method of learning will help you learn as quickly as possible, although the group setting tends to be more fun. Our language classes are open to all ages.

In a group setting the teacher will encourage the students while playing games where the focus is taken off memorization and study temporarily. When the games are played, the focus is on winning the game and the students don’t realize they have put memorization to work. The students learn very quickly in this type of fun and competitive environment.

While Japanese is a completely foreign language to those who speak English as a first language, it certainly can be done. People learn Japanese all the time and speak it fluently. It just takes a bit more effort to learn the basics, as opposed to learning French or Spanish. Most students find a teacher to be very helpful.

If you want to speak Japanese fluently, the sooner you start the sooner you will be able to converse in this beautiful language. Call Lumen Learning Center today to discuss the various options for learning Japanese. Soon you will be speaking your first phrases in Japanese and conversing with friends in an entirely new language.