A Japanese teacher will make learning this new and complex language a lot easier. At first it might seem so different that you’ll never grasp it. But, once you learn just a few of the basics, the thought of taking on Japanese will no longer be so frustrating.

Japanese Teacher

Lumen Learning Center makes it their priority to match their students with the right Japanese teacher. Not all students learn with the same method. Some students learn by using repetition, some absorb the information better with images or one on one instruction. We want to make sure you or your child’s learning experience is fun and easy.  A big part of that is to match him or her with the right teacher.

The Japanese language is rather intimidating for westerners at first. It is nothing like the romance languages like English, French or Spanish. So, it requires a whole new set of characters and sounds, and there are an awful lot of those! Our instructors take you through the characters and the basics of this language step by step, making sure your son or daughter fully understands it before moving onto the next level.

It is our goal to make learning as fun as possible in both our classroom settings and with tutoring in your home. When learning is fun, the information sinks in and stays in the brain. It is a way to trick the brain into learning, much like a video game. You can see how your child knows every in and out of a video game, how to score, where all the good loot is, and they seem to have learned it in no time at all. It is because they are having fun and the learning is accidental. We teach Japanese with the same idea. Our Japanese teachers make learning fun.



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