As the fight against COVID-19 continues, schools in more than 100 countries have been shut, affecting a large proportion of students worldwide. Having so many children out of schools is unprecedented. However, make your son or daughter understand that the schools needed to close to slow down the spread of the virus.

Manage Time

According to research, children thrive in consistent and predictable routines. In the absence of a typical school day, it is up to you to determine the regular schedule to provide a sense of stability. Make sure that they are up by the time their first lesson begins. Try to maintain the school schedule as much as possible.

Find a quiet place where they can study through Skype or Zoom, and serve lunch at the same time. Allow them to catch up with friends during this break. You can also set aside one lesson a day for creative projects that your child enjoys.

Get Outdoors

Some time outside is essential to burn off extra energy that your children may be hoarding. They can go for a bike ride or walk the dog during a well-defined recess. An outside lesson will also come in handy. The children can conduct science experiments or history lessons outdoors.

Hire a Tutor

Working parents, even those working from home, may find it particularly challenging to keep up with the demands of pushing or supervising the children as they learn. You can organize with other parents or the tutor about the available resources to support learning. The older children can also chip in whenever necessary to help the younger ones with difficult subjects.

Even with a tutor, you will need to motivate the children and support remote learning situations. There is so much unknown as to how long the schools will remain closed, but you can play your part as a parent to reduce the negative impact that staying too long away from school can have.