In the contemporary globalized world, English has emerged as the common tongue of entertainment, education, and business. Proficiency in English is, therefore, a necessity these days, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t start working on your English skills today.

With the right commitment, attitude, and the following tips, improving your English is a walk in the park.

Working on Your Vocabulary

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and it’s the same with English. Start with a few new words every day, learn their meanings, pronunciation, and usage. Repeat the words over and over so that they can rub on your memory. Move to another set after a couple of days, depending on your ability, and be patient with yourself.

You can choose about five words daily or as is comfortable for you. Write the words, together with their meanings, on a piece of paper at least five times.

Make sure that each day is ticked as a win, as far as learning English is concerned.

Reading books and other publications always take you a considerable distance when learning English as a second language. Your mind is like a furnace and not a vessel to be filled. Keep reading as much as you can, and your proficiency in English will shine brighter.

Underline the words that you don’t understand and look them up in the dictionary. Read the terms aloud in sentences as suggested, and take note of their usage, as well as their sound. You can construct a few of your sentences using the new words, also, and ask your guardian or teacher to check the sentences for you.

This daily task will take between 30 minutes and an hour, and will significantly improve your mastery of the English language.