Having a tutor help you learn English as a second language can help you make real progress. Our tutors work with your privately or in a small classroom setting that has an excellent teacher to student ratio. This ensures all of our students receive the attention they need to learn English.

Benefits of a Tutor

You can elect to work with a tutor privately at Lumen Learning Center. You’ll meet at our facility for your private lessons. When there is a lot to learn, private lessons allow the student to feel comfortable while learning and slowly build their confidence.

Classroom settings are an excellent way to build your vocabulary and have fun competing with a few other students. We like to play games to help students learn to speak and read English. It is so much easier to learn when learning is fun. You’ll look forward to your class day, because you’ll have a good time. It will no longer be about what you don’t know, but it’ll be about the fun you’ll have in the class while learning English.

Trying to learn English on your own is very difficult. It’s too easy to misunderstand the meaning of a word or phrase, pick up poor grammatical habits and to give up entirely – due to the difficulty of learning to speak English. While immersion in an English-speaking community forces a person to learn quickly, it’s best that you receive a good foundation of English words and grammar. This will ensure that others will understand you when you speak and the message you’re trying to communicate will be the message understood.

ESL Lessons

At Lumen Learning Center we’re here to help you read, write and speak English as a 2nd language. We can help you with private tutoring and tutoring in a group setting that is more like a little classroom. Give us a call.