It is a good time to be hiring an English tutor, because Lumen Learning Center is expanding their English as a Second Language programs for both adults and children. Now it is possible to learn as a family, making it easier to learn to speak English.

Looking for English Tutor for the Entire Family

There are many options open to you when you’re looking for an English tutor. Lumen Learning Center has started a program where the students are of all ages. This makes it possible for you and your children to improve your English speaking skills together. Additionally, we have classrooms that match the student’s age and speaking level, private tutoring in homes and classes in our facility.

Learning with your family members allows everyone in the household to be studying the same lessons. It is much more practical for the family to learn English in this way. Everyone can practice the new words they’ve been learning while having dinner or during playtime. It makes it easy to learn to speak in English every day for a variety of reasons, not just what a lesson book requires.

Learning English

English has a reputation for being one of the more difficult languages to learn, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning to speak conversationally in English happens rather quickly with the right teaching tools. Sometimes playing games takes the focus off the memorization of words and immediately puts them into use. This will etch that new word into the mind during the game, making learning happen without even realizing it.

Lumen Learning Center

Contact Lumen Learning Center today to get on the waiting list for our new classes and tutoring for English as a Second Language, if you’re looking for an English tutor for private lessons or in a classroom setting.



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