Mathematics is very important in today’s world. From complex equations necessary in laboratories to computer science, there is a lot of math. When a child starts to fall behind early on it could dramatically affect career choices. So, getting a young student math help when needed is quite important.

Math Help

In a study done by Dr. Gregory Duncan, very basic math skills going into school at age 5 were an early indicator of later success in their education. Oddly enough, it was the math help early on and the understanding of very basic mathematics, such as recognizing numbers and understanding their order that was important. Having behavioral problems or emotional troubles had no effect on later success. It was all about the math. The same results were seen with early language and reading skills, so it wasn’t just math that was driving the students’ success in their education.

By the 3rd grade, a child should be able to add, subtract and start to multiply numbers. If they are far behind the other students in these simple equations then there could be a learning disability at work.

When Lumen Learning Center does their intake evaluation, one of the things they are looking for is a learning disability. So often the disability goes unrecognized and that only further frustrates the child, making the situation worse. But other times it could be just a difference in how the student learns and how the teacher teaches. A child can have a lot of difficulty if the teacher and student are not speaking the same learning “language.”

If your child has fallen behind or you suspect something isn’t quite right with how he or she is learning math, it is time to be evaluated by Lumen Learning Center. We will then pair your child with a tutor that specializes in giving math help for kids in your child’s form of learning.



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