Helping with math homework can be difficult for the parent, especially if the parent isn’t up to speed with that particular type of math. There have been a lot of changes with Common Core and other teaching methods in math. But here are some tips on how to effectively help your child with their homework in the subject of math or other subjects.

Math Homework

Here are some tips to be helpful to your child when they are doing math homework and they’ve asked for some help.

Stay Calm

Be careful to stay calm. If you get angry for any reason, then it will make the situation worse. You might be frustrated because your son or daughter just isn’t ‘getting it’ and you’ve explained it carefully or the teacher should have done it this way or that. But, don’t display that anger to the child, it only frustrates them further. So, stay calm.

Homework Routine

Look at the routine that your child uses for doing their homework. Find areas where improvements can be made.

  • What does your child do when he or she is stuck on a problem?
  • Is everything that is needed for homework gathered before starting?
  • Are all electronics shut off before starting homework?
  • Are distractions removed from the room before starting homework?


When you child is struggling, let them struggle for a little while. You can also move on to another math problem and return to the one that gave them difficulty. Overcoming difficulty is part of the learning process and you should never jump right in to save them from the struggle.


If you find it is time to get some outside help, Lumen Learning Center has tutors that can help. Often it is exactly the help that is needed.



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