A math learning center like Lumen Learning Center helps to get your child back on track in math. When a student falls behind in math it can be quite a struggle if the problem isn’t quickly resolved.

Math Learning Center

Math quickly becomes more complex as the student’s grade level increases. Getting behind early on can prove tragic for his or her studies later on. It is vital that the math basics are learned in elementary school. A math learning center is the perfect place to intervene and get the student back on track.

Lumen Learning Center has tutors in all types of math and can help bring your child up to speed quickly. The center starts this process with a student evaluation. This assessment of the child’s learning ability and skills sometimes reveals a difficulty in learning that needs to be addressed. Other times it shows particular areas where he or she just doesn’t have the education in an area vital to moving up in math subjects.

Our tutor will create a learning plan that will address the problem areas discovered in the evaluation. If there is a learning challenge discovered, then the child will be matched with a tutor that is skilled in teaching those with a learning disability. When it is a matter of being behind, the tutor will design a course to get him or her caught up promptly.

Sometimes being stuck in math is just a matter of a learning style conflict with their teacher. There are several different styles of learning. We will match your child with a tutor that can teach in your child’s learning style.

Lumen Learning Center

Contact Lumen Learning Center for a tutor from our math learning center that can make math fun again for your child. He or she will be back on track in math quickly.



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