Parents often only seek math tutors when students’ grades suffer in advanced math classes. However, this need – not to mention the hours of frustration – can often be avoided by recognizing and addressing math skill struggles earlier in a child’s academic skills. If a child starts falling behind or lacks confidence in one mathematics level, it can quickly snowball into a serious deficiency.

Math Tutors Teach Poetry

Why would a math tutor relate to poetry? Albert Einstein once said, “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” A piece of poetry can seem nonsensical at first reading. Math can appear as a jumble of numbers. Just as you dissect a poem verse by verse, a qualified instructor breaks math skills down to individual elements, before stringing them back together in grander equations. This minute focus on calculation details is often rushed or skipped during classroom discussions. One-on-one instruction offers the opportunity for attention and mastery of each step before reconstructing any daunting calculations.

A secondary value of individual math instruction is an elevation of math concepts or theory. Too often, students rush to memorize math “tricks” to arrive at correct answers. While this may result in short-term grade boosts, they may not fully grasp the “hows” and “whys” of proficiencies. Without context to math, students find themselves unable to apply knowledge at more advanced levels. For example, they may find patterns in algebra equations, which appears to indicate mastery. However, if the student can’t explain why an answer is correct beyond simple mechanics, they can struggle in advanced applications, such as calculus.

Math tutoring can help whether your student shows early signs of struggle or feels they’ve reached a complete calculation roadblock. Let Lumen Learning’s experts unlock all those mathematical mysteries – permanently.



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