Here is our courtesy information about Sunnyvale Middle School, complete with website address and contact information.

Middle School

Sunnyvale Middle School
1080 Mango Avenue
Sunnyvale CA. 94087

408-522-8288 phone
408-522-8296 fax

Office Hours:
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Wednesday

After School Library Hours
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Drop Off Hours:
8:10 AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9:30 AM Wednesday

For more information about this Middle School, see their website. They offer a current events calendar and all kinds of information for parents and students. This is a very comprehensive website.

Tutoring for Middle School Students

When your middle school child could use help with their studies, either to excel beyond the level of their classes in school or to get caught up to the class, Lumen Learning Center is here to help.

Lumen Learning Center offers private tutors for grades K-12 in the typical subjects taught in school. We help your child excel in their classes and get a solid foundation in their subjects. Our tutors make school easier and fun again.

Learning disabilities is something that can keep your child from learning. We give every potential student an assessment to determine their ideal learning style and screen for learning challenges, then we match the student with a private tutor that teaches in that style. We handle learning challenges in much the same way. We match the student with a tutor who is experienced in teaching students with learning difficulties.

Lumen Learning Center

If your child in middle school needs private tutoring to get caught up or to learn advanced studies, Lumen Learning Center can help. Currently, as of this writing, we have a promotion for student assessment and 1 hour of tutoring without charge. See our Promotions page for more information on these and other specials that we offer.



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