Some kids take to mathematics very easily, but for most it is a bit of a struggle. So, for students who find it difficult, there needs to be a lot of help along the way to understand math and how to use it to make life easier.

Videos for Kids Learning Multiplication

There are many different approaches to teaching math and if your little student is having trouble, try the whole variety of methods. Here are various videos that help kids learn math. Try them all and see which ones help your child learn easily.

Multiplying 10s – 4th grade Level

This video helps explain how multiplying 10s works. It starts by using the problem of multiplying 40 x 70 = ?. Then it goes into detail on how find the answer, step by step.

Multiplication Facts and Tricks

This video takes multiplication from the very beginning. It is intended for grade levels 1 – 4.

Multiplication Mash Up

This is a fun video that features all the multiplication tables. The narration is a young woman singing tips for each multiplication factor.

The Fastest Way to Learn Multiplication Facts

There are tricks to each multiplication factor that makes learning it so much easier. This makes learning quick and easy. And these tricks will stay with you for life.

Multiplication Flash Card Video

This video helps drill multiplying by the number 3. The problem comes on screen and you have 9 seconds to come up with the correct answer.

More Math Help

You can receive more in depth help with math studies by contacting Lumen Learning Center. We specialize in one on one tutoring and classroom style learning with a low teacher to student ratio. Learning is much easier when the student’s learning style is discovered and then the subject is taught to the student in the learning style they use. Give us a call for more information.