We care about your health and the health of your children, so during this COVID-19 pandemic we’ve moved our tutors out of our buildings and into cyberspace.

All of our tutors are now working online to help students with their homework and helping them to excel in their studies. It’s still the same wonderful tutors, they’re just working with some extreme social distancing so everyone remains healthy.

Online remote tutoring is our new way of doing business, until further notice. There is no way to know at this point how long this will be necessary, but currently it appears it will be through the end of the summer.

The Importance of Education

While many kids would love nothing more than to play while school is out, after a quick play break it’s important that they get back to their studies. When a child goes too long without being challenged with their studies, they’ll start to forget. This will be a problem when it comes time to learn once again. They will be behind, and learning is always more difficult when they have to get caught up in addition to learning new information.

Another risk when the students in high school have a long period without their normal school is the downtime could cost them their shot at acceptance into the college of their choice. If they’re behind in their studies, everything falls behind. Sometimes that means losing the acceptance from their ideal college choice.

Online Tutoring

Our Remote Learning Program has everything your student needs to keep their brain engaged and in learning mode. When it’s time to return to school, whether it be later this year or next, he or she will be ready to continue on where they left off earlier this year.

Contact us to schedule your child or even yourself in our remote learning classes and private tutoring. We wish you a safe and healthy life for many years to come.