Dyslexia doesn’t have to stop a child or adult from learning. At Lumen Learning Center, we are trained to work with students that have learning challenges such as dyslexia. When the student comes in for his or her first appointment, we do an evaluation to discover many things about their learning style and abilities. This helps us match the student with the right tutor.


Dyslexia creates a situation where the person has difficulty matching the symbols, like letters and numbers, to the sounds that are used to represent them. This is a basic foundation of reading. When the student has difficulty with that basic step then it compounds the problem from there, making every further step in learning to read more difficult.

This is a very common learning disability, affecting 1 out of every 5 people. As learning disabilities go, this is the most common one by far, affecting possibly 90% of people with learning challenges.

Dyslexia never goes away, and you cannot train the brain to correct it. It is always going to be there. There are ways, however, to work with it and make learning far easier. This is one of the tasks for our tutors who are trained in teaching those with learning disabilities.

How We Handle Dyslexia

After the student evaluation, we draw conclusions about the student style of learning and what type of learning challenges are present, if any. We can then match the student with a tutor that knows how to teach in the student’s learning style and with the learning disability, if any.

All of the evaluatoin information is passed along to the tutor that is going to be teaching your child. The tutor can then prepare lesson plans in such a way that it is fun to learn and easy to grasp and retain the material.

If your child needs private tutoring due to dyslexia or another learning disability, please give us a call.



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