Lumen Learning Center is near you if you live in or near Sunnyvale, CA. We specialize in private, in-home tutoring and we provide tutoring in our facility for groups and individuals.

Learning Center Near You

Attending a learning center near you makes it a lot easier to get your child to the tutor. However, if it is more convenient to meet at your home or a local library, we can do that, too. But our facility is where we have classes and tutoring in groups. This gives many programs an in school type of environment which is a fun way to learn.

Current Promotions

We have a couple promotions running as of this writing. You should check our promotions page to see if these are still available when you read this. This page will always have our current promotions.

1 Hour of Tutoring Free

We will issue 1 hour free when you sign up for a block of 10 hours of tutoring.

Student Assessment $100 Off

Our student assessment is to determine the student’s learning needs. We access him or her academically, developmentally and emotionally. This portion of the assessment is a 90-minute process.

On a later date, a 30-minute follow up is conducted to discuss the assessment results and the goals of the tutoring.

The normal fee for a student assessment is $190. During this promo, it is only $90.

Lumen Learning Center

Lumen Learning Center gives you the tutoring that you need nearby. Our facility is in Sunnyvale, CA. We do private tutoring in homes in the area, also. Lumen Learning Center teaches students from kindergarten through their senior year in high school. We have a few classes for adults, such as our class and private tutoring for English as a second language. When your child needs help learning, we’re the local learning center that can help. Give us a call today.



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