PSAT prep often seems ignored compared to conversations about other exams, such as state performance test and the SAT and ACT college entry exams. However, as crucial scholarship funding often starts with PSAT scores, this is not a test to ignore or take lightly. The PSAT serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for students eager to be named National Merit finalists as high school juniors. The National Merit designation opens $43 million in annual scholarships opportunities to students, making preparation for this exam extremely essential to those looking for financial assistance.

PSAT Launches Advanced Study Skills

Beyond the motivation for scholarship money, the PSAT also serves as a springboard to studying for later college entrance exams. Up until this time, many students do well adapting to subject test standards. Memorization and basic subject familiarity may keep some students afloat. However, the complexities of the PSAT often marks the first time many students learn true exam study skills. The almost 3-hour test often serves as the longest setting a student undertakes at that point in their academic career. Time and stress management both play into success with the PSAT, not to mention the variety of academic knowledge required.

Questions included in the PSAT stress comprehension, not simple questions and answers. Those taking the test must respond to questions, drawing context from passages they’ve read, tables, graphs and charts. It requires not only knowledge, but logic and reasoning under pressure. This shows why structured preparation and experience in these areas count on this exam.

PSAT prep often makes a key difference in scores. Learning approach strategies for this exam helps improve performance and removes anxiety. Don’t let your student go into the test without the best preparation possible. Contact us at Lumen Learning and alleviate both student and parent apprehension about this first comprehensive exam.