Lumen Learning Center is offering some wonderful specials before the end of the year. Some are for those who homeschool their children and the other special is our ever popular “Get the 11th Session Free” promotion. Act fast to take advantage of these deals, as they will end very soon.

Tutoring Specials

We currently have 3 different promotions available to help you save a little money on tutoring. The first two specials are geared toward homeschoolers.

Math Mondays

Math Mondays is a math study class that allows children to learn math in 6 different sessions. Your child is grouped with kids that are at the same math level. Session III begins on December 16, 2019.

English Tuesdays

English Tuesdays are also geared toward homeschoolers. There are 6 sessions where your child is in a group that meets his or her  English skill. Session III beings on December 17, 2019.

Math Mondays and English Tuesdays are for homeschoolers grade level K – 8. We keep these classes quite small at only 6 children per learning group. Your child will be match to a group that is at the same learning level. This helps build the child’s confidence in the subject matter and excel in learning. There will be sessions IV and V starting in 2020.

Get the 11th Session Free

This is our most popular tutoring special. When you purchase 10 tutoring sessions, you’ll receive the 11th session free. This special is open to new students only.

Lumen Learning Center

Lumen Learning Center makes learning fun. We frequently create programs that children find fascinating and fun. This helps them keep a positive attitude toward learning, even when the subject matter is a challenge for them. Be sure to check back soon for announcements about our upcoming STEM classes.