There are things you can do to improve your child’s reading comprehension. These strategies will help your child improve in between tutor visits and when he or she is doing homework. It is a good opportunity to strengthen the bond between parent and child with these types of activities, so it isn’t all about improving and learning.

Reading Comprehension

There are several strategies that have been found to help improve a child’s reading comprehension. You can pick and choose the methods that fit your situation. Anything you do that is productive to help your child improve reading skills helps.


Have your child take a look at the text and make a prediction as to what will happen next. It doesn’t matter if the guess is right or wrong, it gives the brain a reason to focus in on the story that is being read.


Ask your child to visualize what is going on in the story. Suggest making the story a YouTube video in the mind, watching it all unfold in the mind’s eye.

Relate to the Words

Discuss the text to find things that related to you and your child. You suggest something you identify with in the story and then it is your child’s turn to talk about something that is familiar about the story.

Slow Down

It is easy to want to read fast to get through this task and start on a new one, especially if reading isn’t fun. So, have your child read slower, study the pictures or illustrations and pick out words where the definition isn’t clear in order to discuss its meaning.

The Importance of Reading

Reading comprehension is vital for success in life. It affects everything from a child’s personal life to their job when grown up. We hope these tips help in bonding with your child and improve his or her comprehension.



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